Architextos specializes in the written translation mainly into Spanish. The information we handle is classified as one of the following types:


Throughout this process, a project manager maintains close communication with the client and provides the translators involved in the project with the clients feedback in order to provide the best results. We keep track of the clients specifications, compile glossaries and use industry-specific and unified terminology. All information shared by our clients remains strictly confidential, both during and after the translation process.

1. The client requests an estimate, providing us with the information to be translated and specifying any requirements (languages, deadlines and translation certification).

2. Architextos immediately calculates the cost based mainly on the number of words in the document and the specified requirements.

3. The client accepts the estimate and the conditions for the services to be rendered, and work begins in order to meet the deadline.

4. Architextos submits the finished project under the agreed terms.

About the company

Architextos is a company made up of professionals who translate exclusively into their native language and have diplomas from name colleges.